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How to use swimming pool cover to heat pool?

     What is the swimming pool cover and the material?

The swimming pool insulation film is also known as (swimming) pool cover, (swimming) pool cover cloth, (swimming) pool insulation cloth, (swimming) Insulation film, PE (swimming) pool cover cloth, (swimming) pool insulation cover, (swimming) pool insulation cover film. The material is mainly PE (polyethylene).

  How to use the swimming pool cover to heat pool?

    Generally, the water temperature of the indoor swimming pool is 24-29 ℃, and that of outdoor is 22-30 ℃. If an indoor swimming pool has perfect air conditioning and heating facilities, it can be taken as 25 ℃; if the temperature is low, it can be taken as 27 ℃. But the heat loss of pool water quality is related to the temperature of pool water and the ambient temperature.as for the relevant information, the water in the indoor swimming pool is constant temperature, which is kept at 27 ℃ for a long time. After the closing of the swimming pool, it will drop a lot the next day. Before the opening of the swimming pool the water must be heated, which consumes a lot of energy. So how can we maintain the temperature of swimming pool water and reduce the cost?

     We can use the swimming pool cover to cover the water surface of the swimming pool with a layer of heat preservation film after the closure. Practical experience tells us that by putting a layer of thermal insulation film on the back cover of the closed house, the whole pool water will only drop 0.5 ℃ by the next morning when it is opened, which can reduce the temperature rise, thus greatly reducing the heating time and energy consumption!

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Swimming pool cover function: 

  1. Covering the swimming pool with heat preservation membrane can not only maintain the temperature of the water in the swimming pool,
  2. but also prevent dust and reduce the cost of cleaning! For example, if we cover the outdoor hot spring with a layer of heat preservation film when it is closed,
  3. we can prevent the leaves and dust from being blown into the hot spring pool by the wind, which saves the next day’s salvage of the sewage suction work.

swimming pool cover

Covering the thermal swimming pool cover of swimming pool can also reduce the evaporation of water, improve the air environment of the swimming pool,

and reduce the corrosion of water gas to swimming pool equipment!

swimming pool cover

1 .reduce chemical consumption and expensive dehumidification system
·The use of chemicals can be reduced by 70% by reducing evaporation (more than 90%).
·For example, for a swimming pool with a pool cover, chlorine can last for several weeks, but for an open-air swimming pool on a hot day, a gallon of chlorine will also evaporate in two hours (industry data).
·Indoor swimming pool, Insulation film can not only prevent water evaporation, and in most cases, can save expensive dehumidification system.

2. keep the pool clean
·When not swimming, as long as the Insulation film is covered, dust and sundries can be prevented from falling into the pool and the cost of cleaning and maintenance of the pool can be reduced.
·This means that you can spend more time enjoying the pleasure of swimming and less time on the maintenance of the pool.

 3. extends the service life of swimming pool facilities
As the heat is maintained and the cleaning and maintenance times of the swimming pool are reduced, the swimming pool can be used for a longer time, thus bringing you more benefits and happiness.