About Us

About Us

Our History

Our company are mainly swimming pool equipment manufacture in new generation intelligent pool equipment and accessories as integrative water filter, SPA and sauna product ,now we have own brand FUSSEN and AQUATECHNIQUE. having 30 years’ considerable experience in this area.
To ensure product quality to meet clients’ demands, we manufacture AQUATECHNIQUE pool equipment in accordance with ┬áinternational standards and strict process flows. Furthermore, we are continually studying and improving new pool products to improve our competitiveness, meet fierce market competition and create the most valuable products for customers.
We sincerely invite clients from at home and abroad to join us and create a bright future together.

Our Product

Swimming Pool equipment,Pool Filter,Pool Light,Integrative Filter,Swimming Pool accessories, swimming pool chemical, swimming pool cleaning tools, sauna equipment, SPA equipment.

Our Service

Commitment to product quality
We guarantee our products manufactured with a reasonable standard of craftsmanship and materials, and in accordance with the tender, the contract stipulated quality, specifications and performance requirements.
Ensure that the equipment has been installed correctly, normal operation and maintenance, with a satisfactory performance in their life.
After the equipment manufactured, the company for equipment quality, performance requirements detailed and comprehensive examination according to the contract, the quality to meet the requirements, and issue product certification, inspection records.
Equipment warranty period after installation and commissioning qualified 12 months.
Service commitment
(1) during the equipment installation, commissioning and quality assurance, we have experienced engineers to provide users with reliable technology services.
(2) To ensure the quality of the project, provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and other relevant information, and deliver technical documents and drawings related to the tender requirements. To provide users with a complete equipment installation manual, operation maintenance manual; qualified for customer satisfaction electrical equipment and first-class technical services. Ready to offer new products detailed technical information to the user.