sand filter
sand filter

How to install and work the sand filter in swimming pool?

一、 Swimming Pool Sand Filters  Working Principle

Firstly, the stone-filled in the sand tank is quartz sand, which is the special filter sand to remove the tiny dirt and impurities in the pool water. Sand filtering is not required to fill the whole sand filter. It can be filled to about 2 / 3 of the position. When the sand tank works normally, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pressed into the filter pipeline by the circulating pump, and then led to the water outlet of the filter by the control switch. The pool water is filtered by the sand filter, and the tiny dirt is intercepted and filtered by the sand bed.

The filtered clear water will be returned to the swimming pool by the pipe through the control switch at the bottom of the filter. In short, the whole program is continuous and automatic, and it forms a complete circulation system for pool sand tank filter and pipeline.

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二、Installation of pool filter

As we know, the installation and maintenance of the sand pool swimming pool filter are very simple. All that is required is a screwdriver, wrench, PVC glue and sealing tape for sealing plastic joints.

Firstly. The sand pool swimming pool filter should be placed on a level concrete or a solid surface with similar hardness. In addition, the sand pool swimming pool filter should be installed in a location that is convenient for pipeline connection, the operation of control valves and the sand pool swimming pool filter.

Secondly. Filling of filter sand, filter sand should be filled from the upper opening of the pool filter.

(1) Loosen the nut and remove the pool filter control valve (if the control valve is installed);

(2) Cover the mouth of the plastic pipe with a plastic protective cover to prevent the infiltration of filter sand.

(3) Before refilling the sand filter, we require to inject half of the clear water into the filter cavity of the swimming pool, which plays a buffering role and prevents the tank and internal devices from being damaged when the sand filter is put in.

(4) It is required to fill the correct grade and weight of filter sand (20 # silica sand). During filling, the central tube must be placed smoothly in the center of the cavity, and the nozzle shall be covered with a protective cover to filter the sand. The surface should be in the middle of the pool filter cavity, then remove the protective cover.

Finally, Install the control valve on the pool filter
(1) The control valve (with sealing ring) is placed at the upper part of the pool filter. Pay attention that the central tube in the pool filter and the hole at the bottom of the switch must be aligned and inserted;
(2) Tighten the nut with a wrench to connect the control valve and the pool filter;
(3) Install the pressure gauge (with sealing ring) in the screw hole of the control valve body, and do not overtighten.


4. Obviously, The valve body marked “PUMP” is connected to the pump. The return pipe is connected to the control valve marked “RETURN”, and the control valve marked “WASTE” is connected to the sewage pipe.

5. Connect the water pump isolators to the water inlet of the water pump, and install the water pump suction pipe.

6. Connection of water pump power system, the water pump should be installed with the appropriate leakage protection switch.

7. Check the tightness and tightness of the piping connection, no leakage is allowed.

三、Use of swimming pool filters
1. Check to make sure that the connected objects of the sand pool swimming pool filter and the power supply of the pump are safely connected;

2. Depress the handle of the control valve and turn it to the “BACKWASH” ​​position (to prevent damage to the seal of the switch, you must press the handle before turning it.
3. Start the pump (to ensure that the pipes for suction and return water are unblocked). The pool filter can be filled with water in advance. Once the water flows into the connected sewage, the pump continues to run for 4 minutes.

4. Turn off the pump, turn the handle of the control valve to the “RINSE flush” position, start the pump until the observation bottle becomes clear water and keep it for 1 minute; turn off the pump, put the control valve in the “FILTER filter” position, restart the pump, now the swimming pool The filter operates normally, removing dirt from the pool water.

5. Meanwhile, adjust the suction and return valve of the swimming pool to meet the required water flow, and check the tightness and tightness of the pipe system connection.

6. When the inside of the filter is clean, record the reading of the pressure gauge (its change will depend on the entire piping system of the pump). The pool filter removes dirt from the pool. This accumulated dirt will cause When the pressure rises, the water flow becomes smaller. When the pressure gauge reads more than 150KPa, which is greater than its clean reading, the pool filter should be back washed.

四、Materials Filtered by Sand

A range of materials will be captured by your sand filter. Larger materials such as leaves, gravel, and insects won’t be able to pass through the sand at all, and even smaller materials will be stopped as the water from your pool moves through the filter canister. Even small particles between 20 and 100 microns in size will be captured by the sand within your sand filter, and particles smaller than that can potentially be contained as the filter collects debris. Particles that pass through the filter initially may be filtered out later as the water in your pool cycles back through the filter.


五、Function description of multi-select valve for swimming pool filter
1. FILTER filtration: Normally filter clean pool water.
2. BACKWASH: Drain the accumulated dirt in the pool filter.
3. RINSE flushing: the sewage discharged in the sewage pipe.
4. RECIRCULATE cycle: Circulate water without passing through the pool filter.
5. WASTE sewage: without filtering, direct sewage.
6. CLOSED: Close the function in the pool filter.
7. SERVICE maintenance: In order to remove the horizontal pin of the handle during maintenance. (Only 11/2 ″ multi-select valve)
8. WINTERIZE cold protection: to prevent damage to the body of the pool filter when the temperature is too low. (Only 11/2 ″ multi-select valve) Note: Be sure to stop the pump before switching the valve switch position.

六、 Precautions
First, When the working pressure of the pool filter exceeds the maximum working pressure of 350kPa, the main body, cover, valve and other pipe fittings of the pool filter can burst, causing serious accidents. If the circulation system is to bear high pressure, an automatic valve or pressure regulator shall be installed in the circulation system for the minimum working pressure of each component of the circulation system to automatically relieve the pressure.

Second, the pool filter is operated under high pressure. When any circulating device (pipeline, pump, filter, valve, etc.) is operated, the gas can enter the system device to generate pressure, and the compressed gas can cause serious consequences such as casualties and property losses.

Third, the temperature of the water passing through the pool filter shall not be higher than 50 ℃

Fourth. before switching the valve position, be sure to stop the water pump.

Fifth. clean the filter screen of the water pump isolator regularly to avoid the failure of the operation of the water pump and the filter system.

Sixth. when the water pump is running, do not remove the flange nut connecting the pipeline.

Finally,the filtration system shall not operate without water to avoid burning the mechanical seals.