Cordless Pool Vacuum for Above Ground Pool, Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Dual-Drive Motors Self-Parking Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In Ground Flat Pools Up to 1000 Sq.Ft (Lasts 120 Mins)

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【Professional Pool Cleaner Vacuum】Cordless robotic pool cleaner adopts upgraded version of high-efficiency dual motor, with powerful cleaning ability, high frequency, fast speed, deep cleaning, saving time and effort. Thanks to the pool vacuum’s 100% cord-free design, pool vacuum for inground pool is completely hassle-free and does not require the use of your pool filter to operate. no worries to connect a power cable or to deal with cord entanglement and the risk of power short-out.
【Efficient and Easy to Use】The automatic pool vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5200mAh large-capacity battery, which extends the working time up to 120 minutes, With the powerful dual-drive motors, pool vacuum for inground pool can effortlessly traverse the bottom at a speed of 52.5 ft/min. You just need to press the power button and put it in the pool, it will start cleaning until the job is done, the pool cleaner can cover up to 1000 sq.ft pool area and quickly clean your pool.
【Powerful Performance】Robotic Pool Cleaner features 2 independent scrapers that scrub the bottom of your pool, The pool vacuum for inground pool besides picking up leaves, dust, grit, hair, algae., and other debris, it removes grime and sediment, leaving your pool water sparkling clean. Pool vacuum helps save time and labor costs, freeing your time for other things!
【Leading Sensor Technology】Others robot pool vacuum uses a conductive induction, it’s very easy to rust inside the motor box of pool vacuum, and pollution of water quality, as well as the use of short life. We are always trying our best to improve and innovate automatic pool vacuum. Finally we developed the latest water pressure sensing technology, it solve all problems of others pool robot cleaner on the market. let us enjoy pool time together this summer!
【Intelligent Self-Parking】Our pool vacuum cleaner using the latest intelligent algorithm, the robot pool vacuum automatically reverses when it hits a wall. The pool cleaner will automatically stop near the edge of your pool when the battery is low or when a cleaning cycle has been completed. Easily remove the pool vacuum from the pool with the included hook. No need to get into the water, or to get wet unnecessarily.
【Convenient Robotic Pool Cleaner】The automatic pool vacuum only weighs 8.8lbs, which women can easily pick up, ideal for above-ground/underground flat pools. When its work is finished, simply remove the cover, and hose the filter to clean it. We provide 12 months warranty, and worry-free customer service. Let your robot pool vacuum do the dirty work, enjoy holiday with your family!



Video Description

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Description

When you use the Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, you are free to enjoy yourself by the pool with family and friends.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

High Precision Filtration

Leading Pool Vacuum technology.
Extra-large easy clean filter canister.
4 wheel drive & 2 blade brushes

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Auto-Dock Robotic Pool Cleaner

When the Pool Cleaning Robot is installed on the obstacle, it will automatically adjust the direction within three seconds and continue the cleaning work.
Robotic Pool Cleaner stops near the pool wall when the battery is too low or after completing a working cycle.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Powerful Suction

Low cost and super efficient. By running on battery power, our cordless pool cleaners will save you electricity and water bills.
No installation and hoses, no booster pumps and suction lines, the robotic pool vacuum cleaner requires minimal maintenance and does not rely on any additional equipment to get the job done.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Easy to Clean with Cordless Pool Cleaner

No Hose !

No Cable !

Fully Automatically ! ! !

Cordless, Agile, Rapid, Compact and Efficient Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner!

No clutter cord, no worrying about cord entanglement, cord damage

Cordless Rechargable Pool Cleaner Vacuum Keeps Your Swimming Pool Clean Without Clogging the Skimmer or Burning Out Your Filtration System.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

 SpecificationAutomatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaner Robot Note:

Dry the charging pin with a paper towel or cotton swab after each use. Let the unit sit for a few minutes to allow the water to dry before charging.
Put pool vacuum into water immediately after turning it on, otherwise it will beep.
Remember to turn off the pool cleaner robotic power switch when the cleaner is not in the water to protect the battery and motor.
Store the pool vacuum cleaner in a cool place while charging. Do not cover the unit or internal electrical components may be damaged.
To avoid damage to the pool vacuum, do not use it to clean pool stairs.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Packing & Delivery

Packing and Delivery

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: How do yo take it out of the pool to recharge? Do you have to recharge every day?

Answer: This pool vacuum comes with a hook you that can latch into your skimmer net pole. When it it stops cleaning you use that to pull it from the pool. You would push the button on the bottom of the vaccum to stop it and then clean it and recharge about 4 hours. It does a wonderful job cleanning the bottom. Catches even the tiny tiny bugs.


Question: How long does it take to fully charge?

Answer: Min takes 4 to 5 hrs.


Question: How long it can last for one charge?

Answer: continuous cleaning MAX UP TO 120MINS for one charge


Question: Does the products have CE / Rohs certificate?

Answer: Yes, my friend. We can offer CE / Rohs certificate for you.


Question: Can I have a sample order for pool water test?

Answer: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.Free design.


Question: Are you a factory or trading company?

Answer: We are factory. Our factory is located in Xinhua Town, Huadu Dist.,  Guangzhou, P.R.CHINA.

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