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Detail Usage: Spa baths, swimming pools, water treatment facilities
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Fuel: electricity
Horsepower: 2.0-3.0hp
Weight: 16-.00-24.00kg
Port size: 6.66cm
Type: pump for circulation and filtration
Voltage/Hz: 220V~240V/50Hz
Maximum flow: 465~550L/min
Characteristics High-performance pump body design.
2 “inlet and outlet for highering and performance and lowering noise.
Capacitor running Item for energy-saving, the best choice for low noise.
Thermal overload protector inside ensures the motor safety and prolongs the motors service life.
The model name with Ⅱ means the motor are two speed(2900rpm / 1450rpm), without Ⅱ means single speed.
The model name with E means the joining between the pump body and pump cover is a clamp, without letter E, are bolts&nuts.

Suitable for spa baths, swimming pools, water treatment facilities.

Ornamental pools and other liquid circulation system circulation and filtration.



 Working conditions

Liquid temperature from + 5 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Ambient temperature up to 50 ℃

Maximum working pressure: 2.5bar


2-pole induction motor

Single-phase motors: 220-240V / 50Hz

Single-phase motor with thermal protector from TI

Capacitor inset

Protection IPX5 , Air cool motor are moisture, proof and low temperature.

Continuous duty.







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